Thought For Today

As I heed and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit – I begin to tune my ears in to hear His voice. The more I listen, the more I train my heart muscle to receive Gods truth and revelation. His whisper can so easily get lost amongst the noises in my head. I need

Grappling with Change

Change: an act or process through which something becomes different. As we begin to tackle the tasks of the new year, we often approach them with caution and some hesitation. Change is scary for some. We’re beginning to experience what that looks like in our little family. Yesterday seemed like it was a tough day

Schools Back #2019

The stillness of the morning dawn has me mesmerized. The quietness awakens my soul to write. Its the first day of school and I’m slightly nervous. My Sophie is a bit anxious about going back to school – she doesn’t fancy change. My little Paige has no idea what a fun full packed day she