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Twenty Twenty Three

SHO! It’s been a few months since I’ve sat here, typing away at thoughts that twirl around my mind.

Happy New Year!

As I’ve grown older, and maybe wiser – I have learnt to do away with New Years resolutions. The hype doesn’t last long. Instead, I like to prayerfully reflect on what was and what’s to come.

Here are a few questions I’ve let linger:

  1. What did God do in 2022?
  2. Name one highlight?
  3. Name one hardship?
  4. Make a list of answered prayers.
  5. In one sentence, reflect on 2022.
  6. In one word, review 2022.
  7. Choose a word for 2023.
  8. Choose a scripture for 2023.
  9. Name one goal for the year ahead?
  10. Choose a person, share these answers with them, and allow them to speak with discernment over your life.

Pick up a journal, write down your thoughts and prayers and take note of how God moves and speaks and leads you into all the things He has prepared for you this year.

If anything, I’ve learnt more and more that Jesus is gentle and kind, gracious and merciful. He’s closer, the more you call on Him. He’s invite to come to Him, never ends. It’s an open invitation, without expiration.

Sit with Jesus this year.
Pray, all the time.
Linger in His everlasting arms of grace.
Smile in His presence.
Know Him fully as you are fully known.
Allow Him to heal what’s been broken.
Allow Him to restore what’s been stolen.

I believe that God wants to:

Repair, rebuild, restore
Renew, replenish, replace
Resurrect, rectify, realign
Re-clothe, re-mantle, re-commission

And so we need to:


Sit closely with Jesus.
He beckons you still.

“I will restore David’s fallen shelter—
    I will repair its broken walls
    and restore its ruins—
    and will rebuild it as it used to be.”

Amos 9:11 NIV

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