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Happy Womens Day: Masterpiece


Worthy women of God

Girded with strength and good standing

Your caliber is of the highest quality 

Your value worth more than jewels

You are meticulously molded by the Fathers hand

Your brushstrokes of courage, character and kindness crown the canvas of your life

Shaped with delight, delicacy and dignity

The Potter has made His Clay

Infused with confidence in your Creator

Wealth and wisdom are the colours of your painted portrait 

Your tapestry brings pleasure and pride 

Your poetry whispers His name

Chosen, created, ordained for the glory of His grace

You’re more than pretty,

You’re powerful 

When the tools of prayer and praise are in your hands

You are radiant 

You are redeemed

You are a rainbow of hope to those you lead

Your position is ‘seated’

Your posture is ‘called’

Your place is ‘purposed’

Adopted and appointed 

Formed and fashioned

Naked yet knitted

You are so wonderfully made!

The Father is pleased

Distinguished from other damsels

Distinct in your design

Your mission; to make Him known

Your assignment; the advancement

Of a Kingdom

A Kingdom of Heaven

A piece of art more valuable none can find

You’re a masterpiece of the Most High!

You’re a masterpiece of the Master Crafts-Man. 

You’re a masterpiece made by His hands 

You are a masterpiece!

Happy Women’s Day!

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