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A Poem to Ponder: He is with Us

God is not our debtor
Yet Jesus paid our debts
He doesn’t owe us anything
Yet He paid for our lives with His blood
And it cost Him everything
He’s not a God that needs to be understood
Yet He came down from Heaven in humility and humanhood
To be with us
He is the God of covenant
Even though He allows chaos to be prevalent
Yet still, He is with us
He won’t fulfil our selfish expectations, and
He doesn’t owe us any explanations
But we can approach His gracious throne with our lamentations
His Spirit is within us
We will find God faithful
His love is unfailing
It reaches far and wide
A love from which nobody can hide
His love displayed on a cross
He gave His life for the lost
Oh the wonders of His great love for us
He is with us
Even though we walk through darkness and
The valleys of sadness
He is with us
When we walk through deep waters
And pass through rivers
Of pain and losses
Still, He is with us
Great are His promises
Greater is His presence
May we never be mistaken
For we are not forsaken
He is with us
His grace abounds
And if we allow, we will be found
By a King of great mercy and might
And immense sacrifice
A King who gave His life
And paid the ultimate price
To be with us
In the midst of chaos, calamity and confusion
Let us not be sucked into the illusion
That He doesn’t care about our affliction
Instead, it is because of brokenness
That He chose to be with us
May His beckoning
Be our reckoning
That we need a Saviour who summons us
Loves us
Chose us
Predestined us
Redeems us
Forgives us
Adopts us
Into His Kingdom
Of life and light and love
All this, so that in Christ,
We are made alive in Him
Raised up and seated with Him
In the Heavenly realms
Having access to riches
That we do not deserve
He is with us
May we always rest in the shadow of the Almighty
May we always recognise His kingly authority
May today be the day that grace rewrites our story
For the Lord reigns
And is robed
In all His glory
He is enveloped in omnipotency
He sits enthroned
For eternity
Even still,
He is with us!

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