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In His Waiting Room

To hear His Voice is my one desire, so I wait patiently and attentively until He speaks.

This is my heart.

A few months ago, I had a dream. My husband and I were in a waiting room. In my dream, we were awaiting feedback from the doctor on a severe diagnosis. Our hearts were racing with impatience and anxiety, so desperate to hear what the doctor had to say. He then walked into the room. We stood up, looked at him – he was about to speak and then I woke up.

I remember asking God what my dream meant, and I felt Him saying to me, “Robynne, you’re in my waiting room and I’m about to speak so listen up.”

I’ve often heard God speak and show me things and then weeks, months, even years go by and nothing comes of it. And then I realize, I’m in Gods’ waiting room. And He has seasoned this period of waiting with purpose.

Too often our season of waiting is filled with fear and anxiety, as in my dream – we’re filled with impatience, desperate to see the outcome. We don’t’ realize that it’s not the outcome that will bring us breakthrough but rather the process in which God has us that produces the most results. It’s our heart that God longs for. And it’s in the waiting room season that God uses to steer our hearts in the right direction.

There’s something beautiful about Gods waiting room – it produces fruit and favor – endurance and perseverance. It enables us and prepares us for what’s to come. It equips us and trains our hearts to seek His face. When we find ourselves in this place, our hearts desperate to know more – we find ourselves digging deeper into God presence. And it’s in that place that the magic happens in our hearts.

When God calls us to wait, He is drawing us in, closer to Him. It’s in the waiting that we forge deeper intimacy with God. Waiting on God changes our perspective, our priorities and our purpose in the here and the now. Waiting on God changes me and it changes my heart. A heart that needs changing before engaging into the next season He has prepared for me. Because the truth is that my God loves me too much to set me up for failure and I know that if He has me in a season of waiting, He is equipping me for what lies ahead. He is enabling me for the call. When I walk into the next adventure God has for me, I want to walk into it fearless and anxiety free. I want to walk into it strengthened and encouraged and armed. I want to run into what God has for me with nothing holding me back. I want to walk into all that He asks of me.

I want to be obedient to His Voice.

And obedience is only something I learn when placed in an atmosphere of dependency on Christ.

So, Lord – I will wait. I will learn. And I will listen. And then I will run into all that you have for me.

Be still in the presence of the Lord,
and wait patiently for him to act.

PSALM 37:7

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